GREEN JUICE (without a juicer!!!!)

I have been dying to juice for well over a year now. I thought in order to “juice” though, one must first acquire a fancy-schmancy, highly expensive juicer to do it. I coveted the equipment, but could never afford to actually buy one! Then my friend/coworker showed me a Youtube video that has changed my life AS I KNOW IT!!! The genius invention? Green juice by blending your veggie(s) of choice with water and then STRAINING the pulp! OMG! So easy right? Why didn’t YOU think of that?! (I coincidentally had the same lightbulb moment you are no doubt having right now!!!) 😉

Here is the DELICIOUS result! (The gorgeous green is a mix of kale, cucumber, carrot, celery, apple, and ginger. The orange is straight up yummy-in-my-tummy carrot juice!!!)

Looks pretty damn good right? Kinda looks EXACTLY like the juice you’d get from a $300 machine.. And the cleanup is SUPER EASY! I’ve heard the worst part of juicing is actually cleaning the equipment. NO MORE! Just rinse the strainer, blender, and whatever bowl you poured it into. (NOTE: You’ll want to pour the juice into a bowl when you strain it and then pour it into a glass. Trust me on this. ;)) ENJOY YOUR JUICE!!!! ❤

Did I mention I’m addicted now.. ?

Seriously. Good. Stuff. 😀